My services include individual therapy for young children, adolescents and adults, family therapy and parenting support. I provide clinical consultation and supervision to therapists and art therapists working toward licensure and board credentials. Several times a year I offer parenting classes and art therapy groups for kids and adults focusing on specific topics such as self-esteem, divorce and mindfulness.

I have an integrative approach to therapy, drawing on multiple modalities to meet your unique needs and goals.  


Play Therapy - Play therapy offers a safe and non-threatening means to process and resolve difficult or traumatic experiences through the language of play.

EMDR – EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychotherapy approach empirically researched and found effective in the resolution of trauma in adults and children. 

Art Therapy – The use of art-making in therapy can be a tangible and concrete way to see clearly what is happening inside of us, like a mirror reflecting internal core beliefs, thoughts and feelings otherwise difficult to access. 

Parent Coaching – Parenting is the hardest job I know! Parent coaching helps you to respond more effectively to your child during a challenging moment while also inviting awareness of your own emotional reactions as a parent. I use a brain-based approach to understanding children’s behavior as well our own behavior as parents.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is an approach to psychotherapy that is based on the model that our thoughts directly impact our feelings and our perceptions of a situation. If we are able to harness control over the ways our mind distorts our thinking we can free ourselves from the distressing thought and actually feel better. 

Person-Centered Therapy - Person-Centered Therapy is an approach to therapy that regards each individual as inherently whole and healthy. Every person contains the necessary inner-resources to live a full and enriching life. As a therapist I provide a warm, nurturing and trusting environment for you to be able to access and uncover the wisdom that already exists within. 

Body-Centered Mindfulness-Based Therapy – Mindfulness-based therapy invites awareness of the present moment without judgment. This means that our focus moves from thoughts created by the mind to the moment-to-moment felt experience of the body. Body-centered Mindfulness exercises aim to cultivate acceptance of whatever exists in the moment regardless of our judgment of an experience as good or bad and continually brings our awareness back to the wisdom of our body. 

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation – I am available to preschool programs and other early childhood centers for mental health consultation regarding healthy social-emotional development and concerning classroom behaviors. 

Body Safety & Sexual Abuse Prevention Training / Consultation – I offer consultation and training to school teachers and administrators on making your organization less vulnerable to sexual abuse. I also teach body safety workshops to parents, increasing knowledge and empowerment about how to keep your child safe from sexual abuse.




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