EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychotherapy approach empirically researched and found effective in the resolution of trauma in adults and children. Typically when a traumatic experience occurs, the images, memories and felt sensations of the trauma become “frozen” or stuck in the brain and body, making it difficult to access and heal them. EMDR helps unhinge all of the disturbing aspects associated with the traumatic experience so that they do not hold the same level of distressing intensity. The memory becomes integrated into a coherent narrative of your life, bringing new meaning and resolution to the experience.

EMDR sessions sometimes require more time than a typical 55 minute session to allow for adequate processing time of the traumatic experience. We will work together to decide if a longer session might be right for you. EMDR therapy is started only after appropriate screening and preparation. It is considered a shorter-term treatment and relief from distressing symptoms is noticeable fairly quickly for most clients.

To learn more about EMDR go to the EMDR Institute website.


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